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Vic Anzac Day two-up revival decades on

Punters will try their luck at two-up at Victoria’s Flemington Racecourse on Anzac Day.All bets are back on as a true blue Anzac tradition is set to be revived at a Victorian turf club after being abandoned 21 years ago.

Punters will try their luck at two-up on Wednesday at Flemington Racecourse, the site of the state’s first legal game on Anzac Day in 1991.

That year hundreds of racegoers packed the course’s Hill Stand to play the coin-flip game for more than four hours, with an estimated $1 million changing hands.

The game, which has its origins in the trenches of World War I and is only legal in Victoria at approved venues on Anzac Day, involves two coins being tossed into the air after players bet on whether they will land on two heads, two tails or one of each (“odds”).

It has not been featured at the famous turf club, home of the Melbourne Cup, since 1997.

The Australian past time, strictly for adult attendees, will bolt out of the gates after the first race, with all funds raised being donated to the ANZAC Appeal.

Australian Associated Press

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