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Tiny houses are a big help

The Loft: Not only does the design look good and allow for comfortable living, it is also sustainable, eco-friendly, low maintenance and helps kids in need.

Tiny houses may be trendy but now they work for a good cause.

Nestd Homes have released two designs that are an affordable and sustainable option for anyone considering a granny flat.

And not only will you be providing extra room at your place, but100 per centof the net income from every Nestd home soldis directed back into Kids Under Cover’s charitable work – providing life-changing studio accommodation in the backyards of family homes preventing young people from becoming homeless.

The larger building isThe Loft,a bespoke design by NH Architecture and Ortech Industries.At 30 square metres, its spacious flexible indoor living is achieved by double height living space creating dual purpose – either a bedroom, sitting room with balcony, or storage, plus a large deck.

Not only does the design look good and allow for comfortable living all year round, it is also sustainable, eco-friendly and low maintenance.Packages start from $120,000 plusGST andinstallation.

The Studio is Ortech Industries’ original tiny home, bringing simple prefabricated design to provide an affordable, sustainable and comfortable way to live.

With one-bedroom plus bathroom, and two-bedroom plus bathroom (or one-bedroom and living space) versions available and starting at just 18 square metres, these practical studios provide semi-independent living at an affordable price – ideal for keeping family members or guests close to the main home.

The Studio is also a sustainable option with a six-star energy rating.It can be constructed and fully fitted within 10 days, and has a life-span of 20 years.

Studio packages start from just $35,000 plus GST and installation.

Both structures are built with Durra Panel, an environmentally friendly product made from straw without additional chemical binders.

You’ll need to add approximately $50,000for transport, assembly and to connect utilities.

Nestd is a social enterprise of Kids Under Cover, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to preventing youth homelessness.

One and two bedroom studios, with bathroom, are installed in the backyard of existing dwellings to assist families at risk of breakdown, kinship care, or foster carers who need more room to accommodate young people in their care.

This studio provides support to young people and to their families or carers, while providing semi-independent living space for the young person to live and study.

Once the studio is no longer required, it is relocated to accommodate another young person in need.

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