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Short Takes Friday April 27: readers have their say on the day’s news

CARL Stevenson, being a fan of all sport I strongly believe that traditions should be respected therefore Olympic athletes should all compete naked. I just hope this doesn’t inspire a Matt Shirvington come back.

Steve Barnett,Fingal BayTHE proposed development at the old Store building looks great. It will totally revitalise the west end. I just hope and pray the Awabakal land council doesn’t try to acquire the site.

Stephen Paynter,New LambtonAbsolutely disgusting!Not only does he dive, but it seems Billy Slatercan knock on and still be rewarded. In my eyes he is a disgrace to the wonderful game of rugby league. However, the bunker has a lot to answer too. Is it any wonder AFL is fast overtaking crowd and player numbers in our state? I for one turned to another channel last Friday night as I am sick to death of overpaid players and administrators.

Matt McAlary,WaratahTHERE werea couple of glaring issues while watching the Broncos vs. Storm game.A40/20 kick which was a bit dodgy, and then a kick through by Billy Slater that in the referee’s opinion was a drop kick and therefore awarded a try. The only time I’ve seen a drop kick to be deemed legal is an attempted field goal or a kick-off. Even Billy Slater indicated he dropped itin the process of kicking the ball through. While it appears to be a referring error, there needto be 40/20 posts to determine more accurate kicks in general play.

Neil Meyers,Warners BayIS THAT the same Michael Cotts that worked at Big Harry’s Place? Good to see you haven’t changed, still a character.

Darren Duffy,Bobs FarmANDREW Whitbread-Brown (Short Takes 24/4):global coal production was7200m tonnes in 2016, double what it was 40 years previously. It is estimated that coal production will continue to increase out to 2040 at least. Coal is so this century.

Peter Devey,MerewetherANDREW Constance has ruined Newcastle for the people in the Hunter.We did not want to get off the train at Wickham, like the Maitland people and go a very short trip to Newcastle on a Bus. Can not put bikes and others on a bus or one day a light Rail. The people that have shops in Hunter Street are suffering. The money should have been spent on the beach wall at Stockton, Hospitals & Schools. He knows how to waste money.

George Tattersell,New LambtonFANCY putting a main road in the middle of an industrial centre. Munibung Road will be a black spot for accidents with all the trucks and couriers in and out of business driveways. Wake up to yourself, Lake Macquarie Council, before someone gets hurt.

Ross Jurd,EdgeworthTHE Greens want to drop the voting age to 16. The reason is simple enough: only people with undeveloped, juvenile brains vote green, a quick fix to the downturn of green support.

Steve Barnett,Fingal Bay

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