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Short Takes April 26: readers have their say on the day’s news

A MATE recently told methatsoccer is the thinking man’s footy, so I’ll never get it.So while there’s no risk of me jumping on the Jets bandwagon, Iwish the team and its loyal fans a successful finals campaign. Nothing lifts the spirits and unites our region like a winning sports team or individual.

Dave McTaggart,EdgeworthWHAT diversity in Saturday’s Herald! Page 8 – Andrew Constance awards a $200 million contract to “my long-term old uni mate”. Looks like a case of jobs for the boys to me. Then Jeff Corbett on page 21 derides the cardigan as ” that great anachronism “. Every woman over 60 wears a cardigan, not just those residing in Lochinvar,Greta and Branxton. As I button mine against the autumn breeze, I hope that Mrs. Corbett does not have one. Heaven forbid she should cause offense to a husband must obviously be a picture of sartorial elegance.

Lynne Jones,IslingtonMY heart bleeds for the ANZ Bank with the announcement that it’s legal bill will be $50 million (ANZ Banking inquiry legal bill to be $50m-24 April).Really, what does it expect after the revelations of the skulduggery its officials and employees have got up to?Tears, sympathy and a shoulder to cry on?Let’s all hope that the inquiry weeds out all the malcontentsand gives them their just “bonuses”, though it’s doubtful.

David Barrow,MerewetherSOa few Manly players stayed out late, they got fined, no members of the public were involved or hurt, move on people. Knights supporters can’t point the finger, do you remember the incident at Bathurst university mid 2000s? Players getting drunk, storming into a female dormitory; the headlines in the Herald ‘dirty dozen’

Dale Allen,BroadmeadowAT LEASTmake it an Australian diver, Matt Ophir, like the Butcher from the Bay’s namesake. I feel the seagulls at AAMI Park have had an influence on Billy Slater’s “diving” tactics.

Rocco De Grandis,Cameron ParkTHElatest news poll suggests that the Liberal Party has closed the gap on Labor. Call me a sceptic if you like, but the only way this result could have been achieved was that the only peoplepolled where Liberal Party politicians.

Darryl Tuckwell,EleebanaDID anyone have a school bank accountas a child? I did, and when I went to get the money out when I finished primary school I was told nothing was there.I had been given money weekly from my parents to put in the school account for years and it was gone.I know a few others who had the same experience.How much interest would I be owed after 50 years?

Amanda Johnstone,MayfieldWAS The Store building (“City on the rise”, Herald 21/4) not protected by a heritage order?I seem to remember it was. So how is it that it is to be demolished? If I were to pull down a house that was protected by a heritage order, would I not be in trouble with authorities? It looks to me like laws for them and laws for us.

Peter Sansom, Kahibah

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