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Short Takes April 25: readers have their say on the day’s news

WITH Mitchell Pearce going down with a pectoral injury, the Knights should move quickly and give Jackson Hastings a lifeline.He has always had the talent,and I feel that if he is put in the right space could be the immediate replacement for Pearce. I remember the Roosters going in hard to get him from the Dragons, but there wereproblems and he then moved to Manly, where it would appear that he was having issues with senior players. Both these clubs are high profile, and I feel that a move to the Knights would be beneficial to his career and he could be an asset to the Knights.

Allen Small,East MaitlandI WILLbelieve Mr Turnbull has some remorse (“PM resists apology on banks commission”, Herald 23/4)when he supports a federal ICAC, sets up a royal commission into corporate tax rorts and stops obfuscating by blaming Bill Shorten at every turn.

Martin Frohlich, Adamstown HeightsLIKE Laura Robertson (Letters21/4)I too wonder about the Newcastle City Council’s mixed messages regarding their plans to supposedly make Newcastle great. Soon after pledging to help Newcastle’s live music scene, the council took steps to stop the Queens Wharf Hotel’s Harbour Lounge gigs. Apparently this decision was made due to complaints about the gigs. If the councilwere actually serious about revitalising Newcastle, the views and votes of the thousands of Novocastrian music lovers would have been considered long before it ever came to any form of public outcry. Live music is a vital part of any city, so hopefully the Newcastle City Council will soon understand the importance of the second word in their titleand come to the realisation that Newcastle is not a suburb.

Adz Carter,NewcastleI WAS excited to see the advertisementfor the Supercars community fun day (Herald 20/4), especially the message “make some noise, the Supercars are coming” and that free kids klapperswould be given out! We don’t have enough noise in Newcastle already, so this will help. For the Civic Parkevent, could the council please rename it Bogan Central?

Ross Edmonds,WaratahTHE Herald reported that Israel Folau’s comment had upset a prominent All Black (“Folau riles NZ star”, Herald 20/4).But what if Folau’s comment is true? He obviously believes it is true. Was it not a noble thing for Folauto sound a warning?He would surely know that he would get a lot of negative comment about his statement, but had the courage to go ahead with it anyway. Congratulations to him.He probably has many silent supporters, as only six out of every ten voted for same sex marriage which leaves a large minority questioning it.

Frank Cole,Fullerton CoveAFTER reading your article on a cafe selling Vegemite on toast for $7 (“When Vegemite goes viral”, Herald 19/4)I must inform you that Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club serves toast with Vegemite, jam or honey for $7.This is not a “gourmet” serve like the cafe in your article serves. Just good, old toast and Vegemite.

Wayne Trumble, Greenacre

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