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Rest assured, staying insured will cost you

HIGH PRICE: The cost of home and contents insurance has one reader horrified.I HAVE just received my new home and contents insurance policy and I could not believe the amount it has risen. Last year I paid $652 including government charges, and this year it is $1597 including government charges.

I don’t know how they can justify more than doubling the price of their premiums.I feel as though I am being ripped off. In 10 years I have never made a claim from this insurance company. When I made some inquiries why it went up so much, my postcode was one of the reasons. In their view there is a likelihood that I will make a claim in the future and they take in to consideration what it may cost. How, I don’t know.

I am on a fixed income and I now realise why so many pensioners and low-income earners are under-insured or not insured at all:they just cannot afford it. I wonder how many other people have had a shock when they received their new policies. Maybe the royal commission should look into this.

Bill Wondergem,CardiffDUMP PLAN FOR SHORE THINGSHAME on Lake Macquarie City Council for voting to go ahead with planning a six-storey apartment building and the holiday units right on the lake foreshore (‘Complex for foreshore’, Newcastle Herald, 24/4). These developments should had been sent back to the drawing board and to proper consultation with the Toronto community. Consultation with just the Chamber of Commerce and an historical society is pathetic! We all know that just a shortconsultation period will just mean small changes to these developments.Even in 1888, the Excelsior Company developing Toronto gave back a few pieces of parkland. But not this council! Just imagine the outrage from these councillors if buildings were approved all along the foreshore of the Warners Bay walkway or Valentine or Belmont foreshore. Toronto has the least foreshoreparkland in Lake Macquarie.

Tourists would love to come to Toronto with foreshore access, planned parking and proper traffic control and consulted development. What is also very disappointing is that the mayor and the Labor majority committed to consult with the neglected western side of the Lake.This decision on Monday night is simply atrocious!

Stephen Dewar,TorontoWHERE THE ENGINES ROARSUPERCARS recently ran an advertisement in the Herald under the banner “make some noise, the Supercars are coming”. Observing last year’s event from my unit trackside, and having an acoustics consultant monitor noise levels in Scott Street during the race, I can assure parents that the East End needs no more noise, as Supercars deliver that themselves.

Supercars’ Noise Management Plan makes the event’s dangerous noise levels abundantly clear. Section 2.2 of the plan says: “The results of the modelling for external areas show noise levels may exceed the LAeq(10 hour) 84dB criterion outside buildings directly facing the race circuit, and within other public areas such as footpaths, parks, outdoor seating areas and balconies which have direct exposure to the circuit.”

Parents should note that under the NSW Noise Code unprotected ears have about 15 minutes exposure before permanent hearing damage occurs at the levels measured in Scott Street last year. From my unit I noted that 90 per centof fans in Scott and Zaara streets had no hearing protection. Given that Supercars know the extreme danger these noise levels present,I believe it seems totally irresponsible that the advertisement carries no warnings of the risk from noise, not to mention flying debris.

John Davies,Newcastle East‘GREAT’ WAR WASCLASS ONETHE great tragedy of the ‘GreatWar’ was, that all the soldiers shooting at each other from the trenches were shooting in the wrong direction. They had far more in common with those across no man’s land, than they did with the toffs who flung them into battle. They realised this at Christmas of 1914, but were quickly betrayed again by a murderous ruling class.

WWI led to WWII and after that ‘decisive’ victory new conflicts were born of greed and lies. This shadow darkens the world still as new wars are planned to use the vast over production of arms. Suspicions are nurtured into hatred and fear by those who believe they are entitled to lead. From refugees to forgotten soldiers, the victims of war are all around us.

Well may we say “To our glorious dead, lest we forget”when the sad truth is, to our wounded living, less we remember.

Peter Ronne,WoodberryLET EACH DECIDE THEIR FATEI AM sitting here with my wife and her mother as we watch my father-in-law slowly die in front of us. Why? Because whilehis illness allows him to stop all medication, he cannot choose to end it at his timing.

Here is a Vietnam veteranwho saw combat at Long Tan now in and out of consciousness, reliving those moments, not recognising my wife, not having control over his bowel. He just wants to end the pain.

If God tells you that you must endure this, then that’s for you. The selfishness of people of religion that makethose who don’t share their views suffer as such makes me understand why they are losing relevance on a daily basis.I’d like one of you to come and sit by his bed, see Robert and tell my family why this must happen.Then again, it’s probably best you don’t.

Dallas Vincer,GretaINK BETWEEN SHAME, PRIDEBACK in my days, youngsters getting tattoos usually happened during a moment of madness – often after a session with their mates mostly because of a dare.

Sailors were usually the main presenter of tatts, as a sign of acceptance of their seamanship, though many may have been through the boredom of being at seawith nothing better to do.

As most matured, many through embarrassment covered up whenever possible, with their tatts rarely seeing sunshine.Today it appears that embarrassment has given way to pride, or maybe maturity takes a shade longer, because even women, who spend zillions on facial and body improvement cosmetics, now believe body graffiti is a desired improvement.

Maybe the need for both sides of gender who need to say ‘please look at me’have gone past beautificationand resorted to a more defiant way to make a statement. Is it just my imagination playing tricks and people without tatts are nownot normal?

Carl Stevenson,Dora Creek

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