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Isaac Gracie opens up about stirring debut

Over the last couple of years, Isaac Gracie has had time to process what his new-found career means.Isaac Gracie has been compared to Jeff Buckley and Bob Dylan but his own musical rise has been incomparable.

The British singer-songwriter was making music in his bedroom in a London suburb when, almost overnight, everything changed.

The 23-year-old uploaded a song, Last Words, to the streaming platform SoundCloud which caused a stir and, soon, after, he had a record deal.

“It’s kind of surreal. I wasn’t the kind of person who really lived for that kind of thing. I was quite happy with the life I had,” Gracie told AAP.

In fact, all of this attention was triggering for Gracie who says he struggled with anxiety.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been as sad as I was when everything was going amazingly,” he said.

His music is emotive and unique, at once tender and raw before he breaks into cinematic outbursts that show off his former choir-boy vocals.

Currently on a UK tour, Gracie has since found ways to cope with the anxiety. He’s remained grounded, still returning to his bedroom in Ealing, London where he writes all his songs.

“The only cure I was ever going to have from the anxiety and the pressure and the stress that was brought on, like some sort of instantaneous introduction to the music industry, was going to be time and just living in it, and learning to understand it. And honestly, it’s an ongoing thing and I think it is for so many people,” he said.

Over the last couple of years, Gracie has had time to process what his new-found career means. He’s become more familiar with the machinations of the music industry, including the 1 million monthly listeners he has on Spotify. But it didn’t sit well with him at first.

“With music you have to undergo the friction, or at least I did because I didn’t train as a musician in my life,” he said.

“It’s not what I planned to do in that point of time so I guess I just had to learn how to do it.”

He’s reached a place now where he’s finally feeling some relief as he releases his self-titled debut album.

“I’m happier than I’ve ever been honestly. I feel like to have this album out is a massive weight lifted and a massive accomplishment that I can now build from,” he said.

“I really hope people enjoy this record I made. I personally can’t wait until I get to make another one where I know how to do it even better.”

* Isaac Gracie is out now

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