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Anzac Biscuit Beer an innovative take on an Aussie classic

CHEERS: Braddon Archer from the Thirsty Crow Brewery has spent a month perfecting the Anzac Biscuit Beer, available at Wagga RSL on Anzac Day. Picture: Stephen Mudd.The mad scientist brewers at the Thirsty Crow have come up with a fitting tribute for Anzac Day, infusing the flavours of golden syrup, oats and coconut into a beer.

The Anzac Biscuit Beer, available at Wagga RSL on Anzac Day, is slightly heavier than you’d expect, a full-bodied beer, with a sweet aftertaste that’s reminiscent of its namesake.

That sweetness means it’s not the sort of thing people could drink all afternoon, but it’s worthy to sit alongside the Thirsty Crow’s vanilla milk stout as a beer that has to be tasted to be believed.

Brewer Braddon Archer spent a month working on the golden drop, using the Thirsty Crow’s experimental techniques to get the flavours right.

“I reckon it’s bloody beautiful,” Mr Archer said. “We do small batches for our experiments and we’ve come up with a few shockers, but this is pretty good.”

Jo Thomas from Wagga RSL was impressed with the finished product.

“I love it,” Ms Thomas said. “I think it tastes like an Anzac bickie, with the oats and the syrup. It’s really good.”

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