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Antarctic expeditioners mark Anzac Day

Expeditioner Rebecca Jeffcoat has led an Anzac Day service at Casey research station in Antarctica.Snow, ice and below-zero temperatures haven’t dissuaded Australia’s Antarctic expeditioners from paying their respects on Anzac Day.

The team of 26 held a dawn service at Casey research station on Wednesday morning.

It was led by expeditioner Rebecca Jeffcoat, who has been with the Royal Australian Navy for 28 years and served in the Middle East.

“I’ve been to many Anzac Day events over the years and today’s service, held against a backdrop of icebergs in Newcomb Bay, is one I will never forget,” she said.

The team, who are spending the winter at the research station, gathered under the flag-pole in -15C.

“Expeditioners took the opportunity to proudly share their family member’s service experience; in the Boer War, lost at sea in World War II and in Afghanistan,” Ms Jeffcoat said.

“As we dig in for a long winter, we can imagine some of the challenges our defence men and women face when deployed to far-off and often hostile places.”

The service was followed by a gun-fire breakfast and games of two-up.

Australia’s Antarctic program has long links with the Australian Defence Force since it was founded in 1947.

Australian Associated Press

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