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A window of opportunity

Potential Savings: You can spend big on heaters and reverse cycle air conditioning, however it’s just as important to focus on your windows. Photo: Michael Kai.

With cooler temperatures on the way and rising energy costs now impacting many families, Australians are becoming more conscious of their home heating costs.

While people spend large amounts of money on different heating configurations and home insulation,windows are not something many people think about in the context of controlling their home’s temperature,yet ithas a dramatic impact.

Aregular, adequately insulated building can lose up to 49 per cent of heat through the windows in winter, and also letin a large amount of heat during the summer months.

It’s no surprisethe nation is quick to crank up the temperature as winter creeps in, which leads to soaring energy bills.

Many older Australian homes are poorly designed and have insufficientinsulation on windows, walls and roofing, with heating and cooling together contributing to 40 per cent of energy use in the average Australian home.

Christine Evans, marketing director at Stegbar, saidwindows are one of the most critical elements that contribute to your home’s temperature.

“High-performance glazing options can helpincrease thermal performance, reducing the amount of heat escaping through the windows,” she said.

Double-glazed windows improve the comfort of your home and assist in making your homecomfortable during winter.

“The sealed air, or gas filled,gap between the two panes of glass acts as an added layer of insulation. This extra insulation improves your home’s energy rating,”Ms Evans said.

It is not just window glass that can improve energy efficiency but also window framing andfurnishings. Furnishings such asblinds and curtains can enhanceperformance and can help overcome problems with existing windows.

“Insulation is key to maintaining room temperatures, and a few small changes can help your home be more energy efficient and keep bills down,” Jenny Brown, national marketing manager for Luxaflex Window Fashions, said.

Luxaflex have a wide variety of window furnishings that can assist in maintaining room temperature. Some of theirunique designs featurea patented triple honeycombcell construction,with six layers of fabric that create five insulating air pockets that can help you save on your heating costs.

Smart move: Motorised blinds give you full control of your window furnishings and allow you to keep your home warmer during winter. Photo: Luxaflex.

Another innovative product on offer aremotorised blindsthat allow you to control them from your smartphone or tablet.

Ms Brown said this meant you can schedule blinds to lower after dusk, which she suggested was “the optimum time to close them to help prevent heat loss”.

Double the effect: Double glazed windows assist in keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter, helping to lower your energy bills. Photo: Stegbar.

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